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Septic Tank Repair

We Service and Repair all Florida Approved Systems.


If worse comes to worse and your septic system is in need or repair, look no further.

We have been fixing, repairing, replacing, and keeping septic tanks and leach fields in working order for generations.

If you find your toilets flushing slowly, continued standing water in your yard, a foul smell in your home, or worse...

It's time to give us a call and have us come inspect and service your septic. 


Common signs it's time for septic repair

This happens most commonly in households with kids. A toy goes swimming in the toilet and ends up on it's way to the septic tank. It can get lodged along the way, or even get stuck in the exit ports to the drainfield.

To prevent septic clogging, avoid sending these down the drain:

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Cotton
  • Diapers
  • Gauze
  • Cigarette butts
  • Paint, varnish, or garage chemicals

This is pretty obvious to spot, and is a sure sign that either something went down the drain that shouldn't have or it's time for a pump out. Backups can be a dangerous health issue if not corrected immediately.

Tree Roots:
Tree roots are a common cause for septic system destruction. Trees and other plants tend to grow roots into water sources, and a septic system is a large target.

Doing regular pump outs and inspections can spot tree root problems early on and reduce the damage.

Damaged Lines:
If you are planning excavation or landscaping on your property, make sure you know where your septic system is. Digging without knowing can be a costly mistake and cause both the excavation and septic projects to be much more expensive than anticipated.

Typical repairs for septic systems

The #1 way to reduce the cost of your septic system over the years is to make sure to have it pumped out regularly. Get on a 3-5 year schedule with a septic company near you. This will be an easy way to prevent costly repairs.

For tree roots any plumber or septic company with a power auger can remove the issue before it gets too bad.

Backups and clogs can usually be solved by "snaking" the lines to push the debris through. Clogs might also require a septic company to inspect the tank after a pump out.

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