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Grease Trap Cleaning

Hassle-Free Grease Trap Service for Restaurants


If you are a restaurant operator in the Orlando area, you know that grease trap service is a part of the business.

Most restaurants have scheduled grease trap cleaning, but if you’re experiencing powerful odors from your grease trap it's past time for a cleaning. Odors from the trap are a tell-tell sign that your grease trap is overloaded and more than likely past due for a clean-out.

The bad news is,

A full grease trap could fail at any time, leaving you with an even bigger problem.

Not only is a full grease trap a hazard, it cost more to clean. Solid materials harden over time and attach to the inside the walls of the tank. This is much harder to clean and takes longer.


Grease Trap Cleaning Cost

Indoor Grease Traps

The cost of cleaning is is determined based on the condition of the unit. If it has been cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, the cost is generally lower than a unit that has been neglected. Accessibility to the grease trap will also play a factor in the cleaning cost.

A grease trap that has been regularly cleaned and maintained will usually cost between $175 - $475 to clean. Traps that have not been cleaned regularly can run upwards of triple the cost.

Outdoor Grease Traps

An outdoor grease interceptor needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid blocks and be in compliance.

The typical range for cleaning the interceptor is $350 - $1000. 

Making sure you have a regular scheduled cleaning will keep the cost down.

Trap Cleaning Schedule

Indoor Units

In reality, an indoor unit should be cleaned monthly. Properly cleaning the trap means removing all of the content and getting rid of it properly.

Outdoor Interceptor

To stay in compliance, the outdoor grease interceptor needs to be cleaned every 3 months to every quarter. This will prevent sewer contamination and foul odors at your restaurant.

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Client Reviews

Gregg Alan

I have an aunt and uncle that live in Windermere FL, and they call me when they have a problem around the house, since I know so many people in business there. I got a call that their toilets and sinks were backed up and they were on a septic system. I worked for Veterans Septic back in the 1990's and they were out of business.  I was referred to A1 by the previous owner and Dave Smith and his crew did a wonderful Job!As it turned out they needed a total replacement (tank was cracked and the drain-field was long overdue.... He got a pump truck out right away and had a crew out there on Saturday to replace the tank and lay a new drain-field....that is what I call service. I highly recommend them, the were on time fairly priced and guaranteed their work!

Waylon Boston

A great company and the guy was nice and even scheduled it between 11:00 and 1:00 and was here on time and got the job done.

Elizabeth Asenova

Had a problem with my septic. I called for my septic to get pumped because it was backing up in my bathroom. When they came to pump my tank they was so honest all I need was a new filter because it was dirty and not flowing right I guess. So the guy came to my house and told me it doesn't need to be emptied it just needed a new filter. He saved me a lot of money because I would of paid for a new filter and a pumpout. Instead all I had to pay for was a new filter. He also showed me my septic was empty after he took the dirty filter out so it flowed correctly. A1 Septic Orlando is so honest I would recommend them to anyone.


Thank you a-1. I started having a bubbling sound from my 17 .shower when I flushed the toilet. I called a local septic company to empty my tank and was told that my entire drain field was bad. So I started the process of getting quotes to replace the system. That was until Tom from a1 showed up. He said based on the age of my home I should have a filter and that would cause the bubbling sound if it was dirty. Sure enough once Tom took the time to open the back of my tank he found a dirty filter. The total cost was $125. Much cheaper than the $4200-$6500 quotes I received from 3 other companies I'm just glad there are still honest companies out there. I will only use a1 from now on.

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