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3 Things to Know About Septic Tank Installation

  • Top-rated septic company in around the Apopka, FL area
  • 3rd generation septic company owner
  • Great prices and professional service
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Best septic installation service around!

For 50+ years, we've been installing septic tanks and new septic systems in Apopka and the surrounding Florida cities.

Our installation technicians are fully up-to-date on current codes and best practices for installing a septic tank properly.

As stated in our service promise, we believe in doing a good job, being honest, fair, and timely.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with A1 Septic Services and our team of trusted technicians.

What to Expect

If we are replacing an old septic tank, we will have to remove the tank first. Once it is successfully removed and hauled away, we will install the new septic tank in its place. 

We work as quickly as possible but make sure we do a quality job.

If you are interested in a new septic system installation, it will start with the design. One of our senior technicians or David, the owner of A1 Septic, will be you at the property to do a complete analysis.

From this analysis we will be able to come up with a septic system design that meets your family's needs.

Once the design is approved and any necessary permits are in place, we will get to work with the new septic system installation.

Installing a completely new system is time consuming so plan on seeing us for a week or more.

Septic Tank Installation FAQ's

How much does a 1000 gal. septic tank installation cost?

The typical cost to install a 1,000-gallon septic tank ranges from $2,200 to $5,000. This includes the price of the septic tank itself. A 1,000-gallon tank is typical for a 3 bedroom house.

How much does a completely new septic system cost?

Installing a new septic system with a 1,000-gallon tank cost between $12,000 and $22,000. The exact quote will be determined once we analyse the property and home.

How long does a septic system installation take?

Installing a new septic system generally takes around 7 working days once the permits are approved. Of course inclimate weather can delay the project a day or two. 

What size septic tank do I need for my house?

For 3 bedroom houses, a 1000-gallon septic tank is suitable. For 5 bedrooms or more, a 1500-gallon tank will work fine. Anything over 5 bedrooms will require a septic tank that can hold 2,000-gallons or more.

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